What is Petersfield Deanery?

What is Petersfield Deanery?

Every person in England lives in a Parish, and has a Parish Church.

The parishes are grouped together into Deaneries.  Originally groups of 10 parishes (hence the name), they consist of a collection of parishes brought together to share skills and experience, to support each other’s ministry, and to provide a line of communication from the parishes to the bishop and vice versa. 

The deanery of Petersfield is made up of 19 churches served by 8 incumbents, 2 curates, 4 self supporting clergy and 10 readers as well as a team of retired clergy.  The work of the deanery is led by the Area Dean and the Lay Chair. For more information about your parish, please look under "Parishes in the Deanery" on the main menu.



Petersfield deanery is one of the eight deaneries which make up the Diocese of Portsmouth,with the Bishop at its head. Bishops are assisted by their archdeacons, who usually take responsibility for a part of the diocese and for areas of its ministry.


Portsmouth Diocese is one of the 43 dioceses which make up the Church of England, which is divided into two provinces, York and Canterbury, each presided over by an Archbishop.