Deanery Synod

What is Deanery Synod?

Deanery Synod is made up of all the licensed clergy in the deanery (not the retired) and those lay people elected by their parishes to serve for a three year term.  In Spring 2014 representatives were elected (at annual parochial church meetings) and they form the synod meeting from September 2014.  The numbers of representatives from each parish depends on electoral roll numbers.  (The entitlement is two members if under 200 on roll, three from 200-300 and four over 300.)  Local members of Diocesan and General Synods are also members ex officio.

Currently the membership is eighteen clergy and thirty laity with a further four lay members from Diocesan Synod.  It is chaired jointly by the area dean and the lay chair.

The area dean is appointed by the bishop from amongst the clergy in the deanery and he reports to the bishop about issues in the deanery and is responsible for the development and wellbeing of the clergy.   He is also concerned with helping to manage vacancies in parishes and this is all in addition to his existing role as a parish priest.  The lay chair is elected by the laity of the deanery synod for a term of three years from the beginning of each new synod.  The synod’s secretary and treasurer are elected by the whole synod.

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What does Deanery Synod do?

The purpose of Deanery Synod is to meet for mutual prayer, discussion and support.
Its functions can be divided into four fields:

To carry out its legal functions including debates about issues referred by Diocesan or General Synod or raised by parishes. These might be matters of religious or public interest but the deanery synod cannot declare doctrine.

To decide how the deanery’s contribution to the diocesan budget should be shared between parishes

To encourage ministry in parishes by providing a forum where they can share best practice and exchange ideas and views; and to foster a sense of community and interdependence among the parishes.

To invite specialist speakers on important issues for which a parish may not be able to provide a large enough forum


Deanery Synod Annual Report for 2015