Deanery Pastoral Committee

What does our Deanery Pastoral Committee do?

The Committee is a planning and advisory body, responsible to the Synod. Its functions include

1. Working towards a model of ministry in the Petersfield Deanery according to the Diocesan principles of Ministry for Mission.
2. Recommending to the Bishop, via the Synod, deployment patterns for the stipendiary clergy from time to time with the aim of meeting the nationally agreed Sheffield formula
3. Encouraging potential SSMs and Readers and influencing, where possible, the process of their selection, training and deployment
4. Involving laity in mission by encouraging recognition and developing pastoral skills
5. Promoting co-operation between parishes and offering advice to the Synod about recruitment and deployment of lay and ordained ministry in the Deanery
6. Providing advice to parishes and the Synod on the provision of pastoral care.
7. Offering support to parishes during periods of vacancy
8. Identifying and considering training needs and ways to meet them.
9. Carrying out other relevant tasks the Synod or its Standing Committee may reasonably request with regard to pastoral issues.