Deanery Finance Committee

What does our Deanery Finance Committee do?

The Committee, being responsible to the Synod, shall advise it on budgetary, financial and relevant administrative matters at all levels in the Diocese. 

In particular, it shall:

1. Diocesan affairs: a. monitor parish and deanery interests in diocesan financial affairs and make such contributions as it deems necessary; b. assist the DFC in its implementation of Diocesan policy;

2. Deanery finances: a. advise on the level of parishes’ contributions to the Deanery; b. prepare and  administer the Deanery budget;

3. Parish finances: a. with the Diocesan Parish Finance Adviser, support the activities of the PCC Treasurers; b. receive from the parishes in a timely manner: i. the Annual Report and Accounts; ii. the Archbishop’s Council Annual Finance Return; iii. an annual budget and a forecast for the following year; c. identify any parish operating a deficit in its Unrestricted Fund and make recommendations;

4. Parish Share: a. examine the allocation of Parish Share and, if and when appropriate in the light of local knowledge, recommend adjustments; b. hear representation from any parish that believes it may have been treated unfairly and make representations at Diocesan level if necessary; c. notify each parish of its share once the above figures have been approved by the Synod; d. using information provided by the DFC, monitor Parish Share payments throughout the year; e. following receipt of information from the DFC, provide the Synod and its Standing Committee with reports of Parish Share payments; f. recommend a strategy to assist any parish experiencing payment difficulties;

5. Carry out other relevant tasks the Committee, the Synod or its Standing Committee may reasonably request.