Marriage information

Getting Married in Church

If you are getting married, the Church wants to help and support you.

There are many wonderful venues for a wedding, but the  church  offers  more.  We  want  to  help  your wedding to be perfect, and to support you before, during and after the day.


Here are some questions people ask about getting married in church.


Who can get married in church?

YOU CAN, if one of you:

Lives or have ever lived in the parish

Was baptised or confirmed in that church

Has ever regularly gone to services in that church

Has parents who have lived in the parish in your lifetime

Has parents who have ever regularly gone to services in that church

Has parents or grandparents who were married in that church

If these don’t apply to you, please speak to us, as it may still be possible to be married in the church, or to arrange a blessing in church after a civil wedding.


Do you have to have been baptised to get married in church?



Is it expensive?

A full church wedding, with organist, choir and bells, usually costs under £750.


What if I am divorced?

It is still sometimes possible to get married in church, so please talk to the Vicar as soon as possible.


What happens next?

If you are interested in getting married in church, get in touch as soon as you can. One of the clergy will meet with you to set a date, and then as the day approaches, they will help you to plan the service, hymns, readings, and to prepare for your new life together as husband and wife. There will be a rehearsal in church in the week before the day.


Whether your wedding is in church or not, the church thinks marriage is wonderful and important, and will help and support you before your wedding, and all through your life together.

If you want to know more, please contact your church. You can find it, and its contact details on the deanery website,


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