Baptism information

Baptism at your Church


There are many important things we do for our children.

We make decisions about their diet and their school,

because we believe it is the best thing for them.

One of the most important choices we can

make for a child is their relationship with God.

In Baptism parents and godparents make important

choices for the child, who is anointed with oil,

washed with water and given a candle.

Baptism is a great way to celebrate a birth,

an wonderful opportunity to thank God for their arrival,

and the best possible start to their life.


Here are some questions people ask about baptism.


Who can get baptised in the local church?

Anyone who lives in the parish or who comes regularly to church.


What is the difference between Baptism and Christening?

Nothing. They are two words for the same thing.


Do the parents have to be baptised?

No. Anyone can bring a child for baptism.


Who can be a Godparent?

Anyone old enough to understand what they are saying can be a godparent. Because they will the baptism promises for their godchild, they must have been baptised themselves.


What does a baptism cost?

Nothing. Baptism is absolutely free.


Are only babies baptised?

No. Anyone who wants to become a Christian begins by being baptised. If you haven’t been baptised and want to talk about it, please speak to the Vicar.



If you are interested in baptism, either for your child or yourself, call the church. Their contact details are on the deanery website,

There you can find which church is your parish church, and how to get in touch.